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Tangible and profitable results from our clients

$62K in november 2023 - E-com coach

Backstory on this client

We helped this e-com coach to generate $62K in november 2023.

We ran 2 promotions to her e-mail list and socials during this month. One at the beginning of the month and one during Black Friday.

He normally has a monthly revenue between $30K-$40K, but with the 2 promotions we managed to get this up to $62K.

From $0 to $12,5K in his first month with us - Spirituality Coach

Backstory on this client

This client started with us in October because he wanted to launch an entirely new course. This client has had a coaching business for 2 years in the field of spirituality and has developed a new course for spirituality in the business world.

We put together a plan in the last 2 weeks of October to do the launch in November. We used the existing email list of 3500 mail addresses (mostly consumers) and $1500 in advertising budget, which resulted in a great first month with $12,500 in sales

$100K in Februari 2023 - Business & Mindset coach for men

Backstory on this client

This client was stuck on 50K months for most of 2022. We began our collaboration in late November 2022 and started looking at how we could restructure his product offering, where we could increase prices, and how we could optimize his existing funnels.

In December and January we made some small progress step by step, but in February we cracked the code. The result was a fantastic 100K in sales, with a higher profit margin than before.

Our clients love us

"What a great year 2023 was, culminating in the Black Friday Action, which I normally hate.

We decided right beforehand to run a promotion to my entire email list and social media followers. I ended up having a really good offer and received 53,000.- USD in sales in 3 days.... I had never experienced this before! Normally I didn't even get that in 1 month. Let alone in 3 days. Really, I was completely taken by surprise.

From that moment on something really changed in me and now I truly believe: The Sky is The Limit. Anything is possible in my business! Now for the next year we are going for it together with DVT Online and I hope others will be inspired by this as well, because being an entrepreneur is the most beautiful thing there is."

- Cintha van Marrewijk (Supergoedspaansleren.nl)

"DVT Online has definitely been a good added value for my business.

The advertising has ensured that my mailing list has grown considerably and that I have been able to extend my reach. What I especially liked, is that Dennis also looks at the processes in your business and what can be done better to achieve more results. As a result, everything is now rock solid, which I'm very happy with. So not only ads, but the whole picture. I chose the most expensive package they offer.

The communication was great, so I could be helped quickly even in stressful situations.

I absolutely recommend DVT Online as a good extension of your business to ensure that your reach increases and you reach your goals in the business field faster. I was sceptical before, but after the trial month it was clear to me that this was definitely going to contribute to my sales (in a positive way).

Thanks for the great cooperation!

- Corné Marchand (Cryptonite Trading Academy)

"At DVT Online they have a lot of knowledge about online marketing."

From experience they know what you better do and what you better don't do with your marketing as a coach. On top of that they are very strong in strategy. Where I sometimes shoot blanks, they guard the big picture. Their targeted thinking and accumulated expertise make them a great partner.

- Melissa Kamstra (De Handcoach)

Even more results:

$29,000.- revenue, $24,500.- in profit - 84,48% profit margins

A few October 2023 Client results:

- $20,957.93 in 1 month

- $66,420.08 in 1 month

- $48,193.78 in 1 month

- $13,169.75 in her 1st month with us

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